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The Importance Of A Nurse Case Administrator To The Workers Claim For Compensation. Most of the nurse case managers are registered nurses with the relevant nursing council of their country. A a worker who file compensation claim ought to avail himself in attending the physical therapy sessions, meeting the doctors’ appointment as scheduled as well as getting the necessary medical equipment needed. Sometimes, the workers compensation insurance company may assign a nurse case manager to help the employee who is injured in attending the doctor’s schedule. The worker needs to understand his rights when it comes to the compensation process, and he should also be aware of the roles of the nurse case manager. The nurse managing the case can sometimes be given the duty to meet all the doctors appointments together with the claimer for to see that the employee get the treatment he deserves and also to ensure that there is good communication between the physician and the physician. The the patient should get the right type of medication and proper treatment from the doctors by the help of the nurse case managers. The nurse case managers are given the mandate by the insurance company to act as a link between the enterprise, injured worker and the physician. The nurse managing the case ought to have several qualities in the job experience, medical, social life, vocational as well as in all other situation. Case the manager has the duty to aid in good communication between the patient and the physician more so on matters to do with treatment. The the nurse is assigned with the responsibility of not only validating the information given by the injured employee but also ensuring that the employee gets the correct treatment and also taking note of any side effect that the drugs may have on the patient. The nurse case manager has a duty to report all the patients concerns to the physician, that is if the patients feels he is not satisfied with the type of treatment he is getting. Generally, the nurse case managers gives the insurance companies the necessary information regarding the progress of the patient and the medical care administered. They should never perform other duties like carrying investigation on behalf of the insurance company.
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The injured employees ought to know the duties of the nurse given to them by the insurance company and also know their responsibilities. It is only in the presence of the nurse case manager that the doctor should discuss any information regarding the patients’ diagnosis, treatments and medication as well as the general progress of a patient; this is according to the law that protects the welfare of the workers compensation. The employee should always be present in all the discussion with the physician together with his lawyer if need be.Short Course on Businesses – What You Need To Know